Riverside Centre Fall Open House 2012!


What can we say? The folks at Riverside Centre Antique Mall delivered on a wonderful time with great food, great finds and meeting new friends with our 2013 Fall Open House!   

With one of our most talked about subjects in the past few months being about trying to find ways to get the next generation interested in what we have come to love about antiques, vintage style and rare collectibles, it was a wonderful discovery to find out that one of our best customers during this event was a young 10 year old gentleman. So for the sake of protecting the identity of our young customer we will call him Mr. BB!

As Vicky B and I were walking around, I was taking some random shots of the activities and vistors when we met this young man shopping with his parents. I asked Mr. BB and his mother Ashley if it was okay for me to take a picture of him by the food to post on our blog spot as a spot lighted guest for our event, only to discover that not only was he a visitor, but he is one of our best customers!

Mr BB proceeds to tell us about his love for anything transportation related and that he has an interest in items that are at least 30 years or older! Wow! Making his love for vintage items 3 times his age! He told us that Riverside Centre Antique Mall was his favorite place to shop and his mom adds to that statement, "Yeah... and that's a lot coming from a kid who despises shopping!"

So as Vicky and I stood there in amazement with this Mr BB's story, his mother shares with us how he was inspired to become a collector after reading the book "Kid Pickers!" Vicky B fell in love with this young man instantly and to honor our next generation of antique and vintage enthusiasts, she gave Mr. BB a couple of Presidents Bottles from her booth to make his visit special and one to remember!

Thank you Mr. BB for making the same love connection for yourself with antiiques just as we all have! You give us all so much hope for the next generation. Come see us again soon Mr BB!

The Fall Open House was a huge success and we owe so much gratitude to the vendors and Swamp Water Grill for their contribution of time and resources to help pull it all together! It is through these wonderful moments that we get the chance to meet special friends like Mr BB, which for most of us is the reason why we do it!  

December 7th is just around the corner, so stay tuned for details! We hope to see you all there for Riverside Centre Antique Mall's Holiday Open House 2013! 


From left to right Jay, Tina, Brendan and Jeremy  


Article and photography by Angel Rasper  

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