Let the Signs Do the Talking!


The look and feel of French fashion is making a mark! Clothing designers and home décor experts are embracing the chic design of French couture and style once again through signage, accessories and furniture. Photo courtesy of French Velvet Horses. 

Brand your business with fun signage. Be bold! Experiement and have fun with the creation of some of your own signage. It will give your small business a personal touch! MCM1900 at The Riverside Centre Antique Mall. 

They inspire great ideas and enlighten us with encouraging messages about life, love and personal style. Vintage signage helps us to identify with one another and develop insights about popular opinions. And when it comes to the use of signage in our homes, the expression of personal style begins to tell a decorative story about who we are and how we live. 

Signage sends a message and can become a great focal point to a display or grouping. The Riverside Centre Antique Mall.

Customizing your signage to fit your interior look ties the details together, creating cohesiveness that flows throughout your spaces. Customized signage by Janice of French Velvet Horses.

The first chapter of your design story should start with finding ways to use original, antique-inspired signage and art from designers like French Velvet Horses to help make a decorative statement relating to your theme. Your theme will set guidelines enabling you to make better choices about what fits the message behind your decorative project, while adding spice and everything nice to the combination!

Vintage signage can take us back to our favorite memories, while adding the right amount of theme to our decor. Highley Vintage at The Riverside Centre Antique Mall. 

The most important detail, be sure to go with what you love! Decorating with signage needs to be more about what brings you joy and happiness. Satisfying the intrinsic need to be uplifted and encouraged should beat the heart of why we use decorative signs as part of our home décor.


Expressions about the things we love can be captured with the message of signage. Photo by Angel Rasper.

Try to make signage as room- specific as possible, which means that it should fit the area’s spatial composition. This will add to design depth and detail, anchoring the character of your space. Using a sign in a room that doesn’t fit the character of the space can seem displaced or out of form, so be sure to place pieces correctly in order to maintain the look and feel of cohesive flow.


Pull up a chair and share a cup of joe. The right sign can send the right message! Photo by Angel Rasper The Love Letter and Vintage Finds. 

Adding personality details will create a heartfelt feeling of home. Selecting signs that express the right message will exude a positive mood and will create a warm atmosphere, thus lending to the right ideas behind the uses for your room.

Signage adds details, which can create design depth. Photo by Angel Rasper at The Riverside Centre Antique Mall.  

If you would like for your bedroom to have more of a chic Parisian feel, consider hanging signs that convey a message about French couture and fashion next to your closet, on a dresser or above your bed.

Pillows with written messages on them also provide a great way to create mood and atmosphere in your room, while offering the same look that signage depicts.


Combine pillows that have the Fleur de lis on them with accent pillows that say Je t’aime, which means, ‘I love you’ in French. The message you convey will be one of romantic ambience. Photo: dearlillie.com.


The classy look of the Chatelet King Wood Panel Bed boasts of French design. Couture signage and Parisian plaques would enhance the look of any bedroom that showcases this beautiful grouping. Photo: Hooker Furniture.

The next chapter of your decorative love story needs to be about the message you are trying to send. Letting all who enter know this is where you and your family share and enjoy life together can be emphasized through signage.


Fun and subject oriented frames can have the same effect as signage, while adding a little something extra! Photo by Angel Rasper. Sacksteders Interiors product line.

Catchy quotes and sayings about love and life can make a family room feel homey and welcoming, while grabbing the heart of your guests! The details will help you create a more pronounced layering effect.


Humorous signage can encourage moments to remember. Photo by Angel Rasper of the Love Letter and Vintage Finds Boutique line.


Signs about family, hope and faith send a tender message, which is inspiring and uplifting. Photo by Angel Rasper of Sacksteder’s Interiors product line.


Subject depth can be achieved with the use of words through signs that specify a specific topic. Photo courtesy of French Velvet Horses.

Send a message about what matters most to you! Gizmo at the Riverside Centre Antique Mall

Would you prefer your sunroom, kitchen or dining room area to feel more like a garden party? Choose signs that make references to flowers, trees or cooking with herbs. This will add just the right amount of spice to your mix, while sharing details about what you enjoy most.

By surrounding yourself with signage that can stimulate and encourage imagination and conversation, you open your world up to a host of variety and flair. Moments of refresh can be found in the words of our favorite poets and writers.


Find encouragement through what you place in your surroundings. Photo by Angel Rasper. Sacksteder’s product line.

Everyone loves the look and feel of character-rich signage. So whether your style is modern, vintage or somewhere in between, let the signs do the talking to help you achieve your decorative goals for writing the perfect style story!

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