Antique Beauty and Vintage Finesse: The Inspiration Behind the Artistry of Re-Invention.


My favorite subjects for inspiration have managed to come to me through a wide range of resources. Passing through somewhere either unfamiliar or a place I have sojourned for a bit has become the encouragement behind my game with re-invention.

Looking for vintage and antique items that tell a story of true decorative "staying power" can sometimes take my creative thoughts to a higher place.

Grasping for ingenious technique ideas of old and exploring modern methods to help re-formulate the desired look can be an "old made new" form of  creative expression once they are put into practice.   

 Fine-tuning project possibilities through the ideas and craftmanship of another in thought, then drafitng ideas for how to repeat the process with re-developed technique choices, soon becomes the key to discovering the art of re-design.

Combing a piece of furniture of a certian style era with the look and feel of a paint technique, that may have come from another time period, combines the stories behind the original design ideas, creating a synergetic influence with the completion of the project.

Picture above courtesy of Google images.

Experimenting with paint techniques and exploring the possibiliies for their uses with re-purposed furnishings, could help brand this generation as the masters of re-invention, while practicing the responsibility of up-cycling. 

 Having insight for the re-design possiblities of an outdated or discarded piece of furniture will help you rethink the decorative potential of an item, while practicing environmental responsibility that will benefit furture generations.  

Preserving the beauty of a by-gone era with re-purposing has the potential to be rewarding as well as enjoyable ... one find at a time.

Written by Angel Rasper

Some pictures thanks to Google Images



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