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Vendor Spotlight: Furnishings with History

Furnishings with History(located on the lower level and Picker's Paradise)Susan Liggett1.  How did you come up with your booth name?I always loved the phrase "a person with history" because it is so enigmatic.  My first creations were cobbled together from old wood.  Each piece had a ... Read More »

Vendor Spotlight: Highley Vintage

Highley Vintage (located on the upper level)Tom & Julie Highley1.  How did you come up with your booth name?We coined the name "Highley Vintage" as a play off of our last name.  Highley is the name of a small town in England but again it's our family name.  Some people think we've... Read More »

Let the Signs Do the Talking!

by ANGEL RASPER The signs are everywhere! The look and feel of French fashion is making a mark! Clothing designers and home décor experts are embracing the chic design of French couture and style once again through signage, accessories and furniture. Photo courtesy of French ... Read More »

Bellevue Couple Combines Talents to Launch Home Decor Business

Matt Meyung and his wife Molly Meyer have combined their talents of carpentry and upholstery to start their business, Phoenix Vintage, which creates artistic home decor made of re-purposed materials. The Bellevue couple sell their wares in a variety of locations, but showcase most of their ite... Read More »

Riverside Events: The Fun Never Stops!

The excitement that comes from hearing guests say "I had a wonderful time!" and "When is the next event?", has become the driving force behind several years of great parties and events at The Riverside Centre Antique Mall and Resale Center.     With the new year well underway, Riverside C... Read More »

Antique Beauty and Vintage Finesse: The Inspiration Behind the Artistry of Re-Invention.

My favorite subjects for inspiration have managed to come to me through a wide range of resources. Passing through somewhere either unfamiliar or a place I have sojourned for a bit has become the encouragement behind my game with re-invention. Looking for vintage and a... Read More »

New Website Changes!

With all the wonderful changes that are being made at Riverside Centre Antique Mall, we are now making exciting new modifications to our website. As part of your overall shopping experience, Riverside is in the process of taking that experience to a whole new level! You will now be able to... Read More »

Sharing With Friends and Family- Riverside's Holiday Open House 2013!

    What a great turn out for Riverside Centre Antique Mall's Holiday Open House 2013! Thanks everybody who came out to enjoy a great time of food, drinks and wonderful vintage and antique collectibles. We were so excited to see the return of all of our favorite customers and so many new... Read More »

The Reserves is Now Open!

THE RESERVES IS NOW OPEN   The newest section of Riverside Centre Antique Mall, known as The Reserves, is now open!  A mix of new and existing vendors have opened booths with a variety of furniture and décor:   Highley Vintage.  The Highleys have moved from the ma... Read More »

Riverside Centre Fall Open House 2012!

What can we say? The folks at Riverside Centre Antique Mall delivered on a wonderful time with great food, great finds and meeting new friends with our 2013 Fall Open House!    With one of our most talked about subjects in the past few months being about trying to find ways to... Read More »

Pieces That Tell the Story

  Melissa prepares her booth with a fun and spooky Halloween display!    For more than 25 years Melissa and her husband Gary have been a part of Riverside Centre Antique Mall. 25 years ago Gary did upholstery for guests and vendors in the mall and Melissa can still be ... Read More »

Mid-Century Modern: Vintage Style With Modern Flavor

Have a flavor for modern and contemporary styles? Have you ever considered the look of Mid Century Modern? Mid Century Modern is the best of both worlds when it comes to combining vintage style into your decor without compromising your interest in Modern Contemporary!   You c... Read More »

Traditional Style that Has Constant Appeal

The look of traditional style has won over the hearts of so many. It is no wonder that there is still a huge draw to the look and feel of this classic design. Traditional style dates as far back as when man began the craft of building furniture. The constant elegance of traditional style will o... Read More »

So Chic Shabby Style

The stylish appeal of shabby chic has taken the vintage market by storm. Back in the early 90's there was an interest in the rougher look of shabby chic, but in recent times there has been a trend toward the softer side of the style. Chalk paints with light distressing has pushed in on the look of... Read More »

Rustic, Farmhouse Chic and Huntsman Style With Attitude

The best way to bring real attitude to the man cave or a rustic farmhouse style is to authenticate the combination with natural elements like taxedermy or accents that add the outdoorsman appeal. By adding pieces to bring the outdoors in, you begin to introduce what it is that you love about the g... Read More »

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